A group of members from the Pirate Movement who some of them are affiliated with Pirates de Catalunya, due to our environment’s degradation and, along with it, everything that gives life to both us and the rest of the species of this planet which we coexist with, has decided to create an ecologist group within the Pirate Movement.

Our intention is to fight against everything that jeopardise nature, the environment and the survival of all species that coexist with us, by actively promoting from the Pirate Movement a sustainable and ecologic agriculture, the environment’s improvement and its conservation and recovery.

We believe that we will not be able to defend the pirate ideology, which we undoubtedly believe in, in a world that has become uninhabitable with polluted and empty-of-marine-life seas and that is filled with toxic air.

With this goal, we want to create a workspace for everyone that defends the ‘Pirates de Catalunya’ and Pirate Movement ideals and, at the same time, stands for ecology, the environment and the preservation of nature and all its species.We also want to encourage people that, even though they are not affiliated, sympathise with ‘Pirates de Catalunya‘ and see most of their ideas reflected in this manifesto.

Our principles are:

Freedom of Knowledge
Human Rights

And under these principles we will strive to make our planet a better and kinder place for all species.